Art for preschool children: Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh is a famous Dutch painter who is known for painting and drawing. To introduce his style of work to preschool children, you may start with the discussion by showing them his picture.

Introducing “Starry Night”

Now that the children is familiar with Van Gogh, you can start introducing one of his famous work – Starry Night. Let the children describe the artwork.

Recreating “Starry Night”

Prepare the materials needed by the children for the art activity. This includes drawing paper, paint and paint brush. Allow the children to try drawing “Starry Night” in their own style.

Appreciating “Starry Night”

Exhibit children’s work and do a Gallery Walk. Let the children give a comment or feedback on their friend’s work.

Van Gogh’s art technique is good for 5 to 6-year old children because these children have acquired skills in handling brushes and can already draw defined shapes and images.


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