Five Korean street food you must try in Seoul

South Korea boasts numerous of sumptuous meal including japche, samgyeupsal, kimchi and many other mouth-watering cuisine. These food are available even when you are at a Korean restaurant in a foreign country. What Korean food are then available only in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea?

Below is the top five Korean street food that you can only find in South Korea, so you better not miss it when visiting Seoul:

Bhopkki or Sugar Lollipop

Bbopkki, also known as Sugar Lollipop
Bhopkki is a type of Korean candy that is made from caramelised sugar and baking soda. They are typically imprinted with various shapes such as hearts, stars, etc.

Ggyeran Bbang or Egg Bread

Gyeran-Bbang, also known as Egg Bread
Gyeran-Bbang has a fluffy texture. It is made from steamed little loaves of bread with a whole egg inside.

Chapssal or Korean Doughnut

Chapssal, also known as Korean Doughnut

Chapssal is made from glutinous rice flour. The glutinous rice flour dough creates the crunchy texture outside and chewy texture inside.

Mayak Gimbap or Drug Gimbap

Mayak Gimbap

Mayak Gimbap is a famous street food in Kwangjang Market, one of the largest and oldest markets in South Korea. This food is mini seaweed rice rolls served with soy sauce and wasabi or mustard dipping sauce. It is addictive, that is why it is called “mayak gimbap” or “drug gimbap”.

Bindaetteok or Mung Bean Pancake

Bindaetteok, also known as Mung Bean Pancake

Bindaetteok is made by soaking the mung beans and grinding them after. Next to grinding, vegetables and meat will be added, and all ingredients will be mixed together. Then, it will be pan-fried into a round, flat shape.

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