Five things that made me say “Oh!” in Australia

Australia is one of the continents that many has dreamed to explore. I was excited to travel to Australia during its winter time. Here are the five things that made me say “Oh!” in Aus(Ohs)tralia:

1. Accommodation. It is expensive! Oh my G! A 3 to 4 star hotel price in Southeast Asia is equivalent to a hostel price in Australia. Nevertheless, it is somehow worth it because the hostel I booked was within the central area and I could roam around the beautiful places in Sydney by foot. In fact, the hostel where I booked conduct group tour to its guests. That’s where I was able to see the whole Central Sydney, by joining that group tour!

2. Water. Oh my! It’s pricey! A bottle of 600ml water costs 3aud/3.5sgd/121php. Would you believe?! Bring your own water if you do not want to be dehydrated during your trip!

3. Double-decker train. Oh! They have it! I got too excited when I was able to take a double-decker train for the first time in my life. Well, no use as I still sat at the first level! 🙂

4. Manual train door. This is the experience I would never forget during my Australia exploration. I am used to experiencing having automatic doors to open when in a train. However, when I was in Brisbane, I kept waiting for the train door to open. It was not opening until the lady helped me to press the button. Oh shocks! Okay, so a button is needed to be pressed!

5. Exotic animals. Traveling to Australia is also memorable to me because I got to encounter lots of its native animals. Koala and kangaroo are famous animals in Australia. However, I saw other animals which I have not seen before such as wombats and tasmanian devil to name a few. Oh gosh! Tasmanian devil was so scary to see as it munches its crunchy food!

These were the unique experiences I did not encounter from all of my other travels. Australia is the land of “ohs”, I mean the land down under! Traveling to Australia is indeed one of the trips to remember!


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