Cruising with the Royal Caribbean: How is it like?

Spending three nights in a ship may sound like boring, but hey, it’s not! The Royal Caribbean Cruise – Mariners of the Seas has a lot to offer for you not to feel jaded while on board.


Here are the five amenities in the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship you will enjoy while sailing:


Arcade. Tons of games to choose from here. If you are feeling tired staying in your room, you can visit this area and have fun with the games as you reminisce your childhood memories.

Sports Hall. Rock climbing? Ball sports? Which ever you want, they have it both!


Theater. World class performance are being held here. There is one night (or two nights?) arranged for everyone on board to watch the show in this theater.


Pool. Want to dip in the water? No problem! They have two swimming pools: one for kids and one for adults who wish to submerge in the water, too. In this area, there are also live bands playing some groovy music. Click here if you want to see a video of a band playing on that day.


Gym. Are you a fitness junkie who wouldn’t trade your exercise for anything else? Fret not! There is gym in the ship!

It is not only the facilities of the cruise that I enjoyed, but also the Captain’s Night, where everyone had to wear their formal dresses. First, there are astounding performances.

Followed, by the dinner!

Royal Caribbean Captain’s Night is truly a night to remember!




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