Five factors to consider when choosing a preschool

Rapid brain development occurs during the preschool years. This is why it is important to choose a good preschool to give your child a good headstart. What are then the factors to consider when choosing the best preschool for your child?

Below are the five factors to consider when choosing a preschool:

1. Teacher. The teacher is the one with direct interaction with the child. The teacher is the one who runs the classroom. The teacher manages and controls everything. Therefore, the quality of the teachers is the main factor to consider when choosing a good preschool. It is important to ask the following questions: (a) What are the qualifications of the teachers?; (b) How long have they been teaching?; and, (c) How are they upgrading themselves with the latest trends in education?

2. Curriculum. There are schools with pre-planned topics and lesson plans for the children. A good preschool develops their topics based on the child’s interests and needs.

3. Environment. The learning environment is regarded as the third teacher. Check whether the learning resources and materials are well-maintaned and safe for the children. Also, check whether the materials are age and developmentally appropriate for the kids.

4. Teacher-Child Ratio. It is vital to check the ratio of the teachers and the children because the lower the ratio, the better the quality of education. This is because the teacher has more time to interact with each of the children in the class.

5. Outdoor learning experiences. Learning is not only confined in the four walls of the classroom. It is also essential to consider whether the children have field trips and outdoor walk for them to apply or make connections of what they have learned from the classroom to the real world setting.

Wishing you all the best as you choose a good preschool suited for your child!



One thought on “Five factors to consider when choosing a preschool”

  1. I like that you suggested choosing a preschool with a lower ratio to ensure a better quality of education. This is something that I will make sure to remember because my husband and I wanted to find a private preschool where we can enroll our son. We’d like to make sure that he’ll be given individual attention, most especially when he’s struggling academically. Thanks for sharing this.


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