6 different types of cheese (you might have not known)

I love cheese! Well, who doesn’t? However, as an Asian, I only know few kinds of cheese such as mozarella, cheddar, parmesan, among others.

Last week, I encountered six types of cheese that were new to me. These were the following:

1. Gruyere Reserve – a hard, yellow cheese from Switzerland

Price: 75sgd per 1kg

2. Drunken Goat – a goat cheese from Spain. It is white and soft with an acquired taste.

Price: 70sgd per 1kg

3. Lincolnshire Poacher – a hard unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese from England

Price: 84sgd per 1kg

4. Prima Donna – cheese from Netherlands

Price: 53sgd per 1kg

5. Mimolette – cheese traditionally produced from France with a distinct color.

Price: 85sgd per 1kg

6. Boer’n Trots – cheese from Netherlands. It is different to all other cheese because of its white spots.

Price: 66sgd per 1kg

Among all these cheese types, I like Boer’n Trots the most because it tastes very similar to “Carmelado”, a milk candy traditionally made of carabao’s milk and sugar from the province of Masbate, Philippines.

Watch the review of these six kinds of cheese here.


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