Catch the beautiful sunset at Palani, Balud, Masbate


Palani in Balud is one of the popular beach destinations in Masbate, Philippines. It is an unspoiled beach destination that is perfect for relaxation.


From Manila, you may take a direct flight to Masbate via Cebu Pacific. From Masbate Airport, take a tricycle to the bus terminal which will cost you 7 pesos. Then, take a van to Balud, Masbate for a fee of 150 pesos. The ride is 1.5 hours long. On your way to Balud, you will enjoy wonderful green sceneries outside the window. Tell the driver that you will alight at Balud Terminal. At the Terminal, there are many motorcycles or what the local people call it “habal-habal”. This will take you to Palani Beach for a fee of 50 to 60 pesos if you are traveling alone. It will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the beach.


There are two famous resorts in Palani – Palani Beach Park and Paraiso de Palani. My lovely high school batchmate, Junelyn, recommended us Paraiso de Palani, and so, we stayed there. One room for two people costs 1, 200 for one night. What I like in Paraiso de Palani is its peacefulness and their landscape. I like their hut near the beach where you can sit and rest while reading a book or looking at the calm sea or the spectacular sky. Their hut resembles to bale bengong of Indonesia.


What caught me in awe was the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen in my entire life! Well, maybe the second beautiful sunset (first was in Boracay)…


I have also seen amazing colorful pastel rays in the sky during the sunrise.


I was filled with amazement and was totally wonderstruck by Palani’s splendid sky! I wouldn’t mind coming again and again to catch a nice sunset and enjoy a tranquil place.



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