Child’s first aid on how to stop bleeding: A talk by Mummy Christine

Do you think children should learn first aid? First aid is important because accident can happen anytime, and yes, children should learn the basic first aid because it is not at all times that adults are with them. When they know first aid, they will be able to help themselves in case of emergency.

Since we believe that first aid is a life skill that children should learn, we invited Mommy Christine to our school and share ways on how to stop bleeding. She taught our 5-6-year old children what to do when they have nose bleed and a cut.

What to do when there is nosebleeding:

Image from Google
  1. Sit down on a chair.
  2. Lean head forward.
  3. Pinch the soft part of nostrils below the bridge of the nose for at least ten minutes.
  4. Breath through mouth while applying pressure on the nostrils.
  5. Apply ice pack or cold cloth.

What to do when there is a cut:

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  1. Take a clean cloth.
  2. Put it on the wound.
  3. Apply pressure to stop bleeding.

It had been a very informative and beneficial talk! Days and weeks after the talk, we have children sharing, “Teacher, I had nosebleed at home. I did what Mommy Christine said.”


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