Climbing Mount Sibayak, an active volcano in Sumatra


Mount Sibayak is an active volcano in northern Sumatra, Indonesia in the town of Berastagi that erupted more than 100 years ago. It is 2 212m high, and is relatively easy to climb.


We began our expedition at 4:30am and reached the peak of the volcano after a hour.


On the mountain, there was a strong smell  of sulfur emitted by the steam vents.


From the mountain top, we also got a bird’s eye view of the whole town of Berastagi.


Mount Sinabung, a superactive volcano, can also be seen from the top of Mount Sibayak.


And of course, climbing a volcano is incomplete without seeing its crater. Its crater has a small lake with acidic discoloration due to the seepage of sulfurous gases.


After trekking, it was good to relax dipping ourself in a hot bath from the hot spring.


Overall, it was an unforgettable experience to hike to the top of a volcano and see its crater, sulfur mine and indulge in a healing bath thereafter.


Watch video here.

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4 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Sibayak, an active volcano in Sumatra”

  1. Great pics. It was a documentary on BBC1 that prompted me to post my photos of Sumatra from about 12 years ago. It was just after the tsunami, so there was a lot of devastation, but it was still a magical trip.


    1. Hi, Jane! Indeed what an experience to have traveled to Sumatra! It will forever be memorable! I like the photos you posted especially the tribal people. The traditional houses were still there, but have not seen the tribal people like the one you posted.

      Are you still traveling Asia nowadays?

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