What to do during field trips

During the field trip, here are the things you should do:

  1. Prepare the things that you need to bring before the children arrive. You must have a checklist of the things you need to bring and/or the activities you will do. Refer to the checklist and see whether you have brought everything with you. Do not forget fundamental items when going for a trip with the children like tissue, hand sanitizer, first aid kit and plastic bag and extra clothes (just in case someone feels like vomitting).
  2. Check children’s attendance. Count the number of children when you leave the school, when in the bus, when in the venue, when leaving the venue and when back to the school.
  3. Make sure the children go to the toilet before leaving the school. Buses cannot stop somewhere just for one child or two to go to the toilet. If the bus stops, it will delay your time. So, let the children go to the toilet before you depart.
  4. If there are more adults accompanying the field trip, strategize how you will maximize them. Give them a role. For example, when you are walking in line with the children, assign 1 adult in front, 1 adult in the middle and 1 adult in the end of the line. You may also discuss who will gather the children around in one place while another adult is attending to one activity. As much as possible, discuss the role of each adult before reaching the venue.
  5. Pay the bus, admission fee and other expenses you have to pay for the field trip. There are companies which require no advance payment; you have to pay them on the day of the trip. So, in this case, do not forget your cash. It is better if you put per payment in an envelope and write for which company it is and how much money is inside the envelope.

These are some of the basic things you need to do during the field trip. Good luck in your next trip!



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