Teacher’s Day Saga: The Beginning

Teachers will be celebrating World Teacher’s Day on the 5th of October. Let me partake in this momentous event by reliving the memories I had with my teachers since my childhood days and the teachers who had greatly influenced my life as a teacher.

Allow me to start thanking my elementary teachers. But before that, I would like to thank my mother who served as my first teacher. I could still recall the time she was teaching me how to write my name. I was one of those children who would write letter “e” on the other way. Everytime she showed me how to write letter “e”, I would say “I know! I know!” and then, grabbed the pencil. When I wrote the letter, it was still on the opposite side. I could not recall how it ended, but this is what I am sure of, my mother have been my very patient teacher!

Now, let me start thanking my elementary teachers…

Thank you to Ma’am Nelia and Ma’am Ignacio, my daycare and kindergarten teachers! Thank you for teaching me to draw and color. Thank you for allowing me to play. Thank you for teaching me the basics.

Thank you to Ma’am Jerus, my grade one teacher! Thank you for polishing my reading skills. I remember that Ma’am Jerus always let us stay before going home time to read words with those who needed help in reading.

Thank you to Ma’am Maglente, my grade two teacher. Thank you for teaching us folk dancing and inculcating in us to love our own culture. This is a shame to admit… But, when I was in grade two, I thought that for fill-in-the-blank exams, if the blank was long, the answer should be long. Funny me!

Thank you to Ma’am Collamar, my grade three teacher. I remember I got zero mark in Music. Then, I was crying all the way to our home. It was my mother who consoled me and told me everything was okay.

Thank you to Ma’am Tan, my grade four teacher. She would always read stories to us. She allowed us to express our creativity by letting us come up with actions for poems. On top of that, she had difficult spelling list prepared for us to learn every week.

Thank you to Ma’am Bradecina, my grade five teacher. She honed our skills in Music. Though, sometimes, she would instruct me to stop singing as I was out of tune.

Thank you to Ma’am Abada, my grade six teacher. She also developed our creativity by allowing us to show and discover our talent every afternoon.

Also, I would like to thank my Math subject teachers: Ma’am Merioles and Ma’am Reyes. Thank you for imparting your Mathematical skills and knowledge to us. Thank you to my Home Economics subject teachers: Ma’am Rubia and Sir Rapsing. Thank you for allowing us to acquire knowledge and skills through practical experiences.

Thank you to all of you! I could not find any other teachers better than you. You were the best! Happy Teacher’s Day!


Seoul should be your next destination!

It has been a year since my first visit to Seoul. South Korea was the first country I wanted to visit 10 years ago. Yet, I visited the place after nine years of dreaming to be there.

What I liked the most during my stay in Korea were food and shopping. I like Korean food. My favorite is japche. I like Korean fashion and cosmetics. Korea is probably one of the countries I would always love to visit again and again.

Seoul is the second largest city in the world, next to Tokyo. If you are going to study its train station, it looks like roots of a tree or vines that intertwine with one another. But still, it is easy to decipher.

When in Seoul, don’t miss visiting their five palaces… Don’t miss wearing their traditional costume… Don’t miss eating their sumptuous food… Don’t miss saying “anyonghaseyo” to greet their people…

Seoul should be your next destination! Check the best place to stay here.


Is Pokemon Go good for kids?

I was one of those first people who installed Pokemon Go and played it. The game was novel to me; it is playing a game in a real world context. It is also good that I played it. I was able to relate with my children when they talked about what pokemons and how many pokemons they caught.

Pokemons may be good for children. Unlike the usual games or apps, Pokemon Go allows children to move around. This is a sort of exercise for children who seldom do active activities.

The problem with playing Pokemon Go comes when children are in school and they have no phone to play it! Do you know what they do? They do role-playing! One child would pretend to be the Pokemon, one child would pretend to be the Pokemon Trainer, and so on. I would hear them saying, “I broke free!” with matching action like “hatching from an egg”.

While this is a genius play (because of their wild imagination), they need a lot of close monitoring or observation because it can lead to violence or hurting one another. They pretend to be “pokemons” and have battle – a pokemon fighting with another pokemon. They act out throwing “Poke Ball” to a “pokemon”. All of these actions can hurt their friends without them knowing. This is the negative effect of Pokemon Go from my observation.

Will I allow my child to play Pokemon Go?

My answer is NO. I can find alternative to this game that will not effect violence. We have to remember that children learn or acquire behavior based on what they observe.

Am I telling you not to let your child play Pokemon Go?

The answer is yours. In case you did, watch closely your child and explain what need to be explained.

Hacking Brunei

Among all the countries I have been to, Brunei has the most expensive transportation cost. It will make you pay S$150 if your will go for water taxi plus city tour.

How will you save S$150 if you are on a budget travel or a tight budget?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Find a hotel that is near to the city! I was very lucky that I booked a hotel that was near to the places I wanted to visit. I stayed in LeGallery Suites Hotel. It was not a very fancy hotel, but what I liked the most in this hotel was its location.This hotel was in the middle of the places I wanted to see. Royal Regalia Museum, Saiffudien Mosque and Kampong Ayer were walking distance from the hotel. Bolkiah Mosque was also reachable by foot from the hotel.

So, there! To save money on transport, book your stay with LeGallery Suites Hotel or any hotels within the city. Click here to get a list of other hotels!


Auto-rock ‘n play sleeper: A big help to saving money for dual-income families

There are families that are dual-income earners, which means both husband and wife are working to earn money. It can be tiring especially when husband and wife come home with a baby to put on to sleep. Nannies can be so expensive that you do not want to pay them from morning till night. So, what should you do so that you will be able to take care of your baby, and at the same time, get the rest you need from your demanding job?

Thanks to Fisher-Price Newborn Auto-Rock ‘n Play Sleeper! It is a big help to families who have both husband and wife working and want to save money by spending less on nannies’ salary.


Product Description

It’s an inclined sleeper and with playtime seat. What’s is it has music, sounds and you do not need to rock the baby because it has hands-free rocking motion! That’s saving your energy!

It has also an extra-deep seat that helps baby sleep all night long. With the push of a button, the sleeper helps baby relax with two different speeds of gentle rocking motion.

The design is easy to assemble. Due to its light weight, it is easy to bring around and to store. Additionally, it has a three-point restraint and linkable clacker toy. Seat pad is easy and safe to wash and dry with the use of washing machine and dryer.

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Let your dream to be a mermaid come true!

Christmas is coming! I know, you are starting to think of what to give as a present to your friends and loved ones.

There are two things I consider when buying: uniqueness and functionality.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Blanket is one thing to consider as a present this coming Christmas or for any occasion!

Do you want to be Ariel? Do you want to be a mermaid? This mermaid blanket can make your dream come true! It is available for kids and adults.



  • Orlon 70% + Cotton 30%
  • Imported
  • Laghcat package INCLUDE Three Items: One laghcat mermaid blanket, One laghcat casual daypack and One unique laghcat silver color necklace.
  • Super Multi-function for all seasons: Sleeping blanket keeps your kids warm in winter, spring and autumn; in summer, it also can keep warm in air conditioning house.
  • Make your little girls’ mermaid dream come true. It’s the best choice as Birthday, Christmas, New Year and all Holiday gifts. To everybody you love, it must be a surprise! We also need a beautiful princess at home, are you still waiting for? LAGHCAT IS ON THE WAY!
  • WASHING Instructions: Please kindly wash separately before first use. This crocheted mermaid blanket can be machine washed at a low temperature and tumble dried. We recommend that you do not wash the blanket with items containing zippers that might snag.

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Gadong Night Market in Brunei

Gadong Night Market in Brunei is the most amazing night market I have ever seen! It is clean and orderly. They sell a variety of food at an affordable cost.


I bought coconut juice for 1BND and the famous Nasi Katok for 2BND (coz I had two chicken).


If you want to know more the story of Nasi Katok, you may read here.


Kampong Ayer: The largest stilt settlement in the world


Kampong Ayer is dubbed as the “Venice of the East” and is considered as “the largest stilt settlement in the world.

Long time ago, half of Brunei population lived here. Now, only 10% of its population (around 30 thousand people) stays here.

The houses in Kampong Ayer are built along the Brunei River. You may see all the stilt villages by water taxi.

In the water taxi with the family I met

I was able to go down and have a walk in this stilt villages because of the nice family I met! In this village, they have a mosque, fire brigade, police stations and school. Their school is also built on stilts.


Largest mosque in Brunei


Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah is the largest mosque in Brunei. It opened in 1994. It was built to commerate the 25th year of the current Sultan’s reign.

To me, it was the most fantastic mosque I have ever seen. I like its exterior design very much!

What sets it apart from Saifuddien mosque is the exterior. Saifuddien’s outside wall is plain white while Bolkiah’s has some wonderful designs.

Bolkiah mosque should not be missed when you are heading to Gadong, the night market!

Filipino architect and National Artist designs the largest palace in the world

View of Nurul Istana Iman from the water taxi

Nurul Istana Iman is the largest residential palace in the world designed by Filipino architect Leandro Locsin.

The best time to see the palace interior is during Hari Raya. Otherwise, you will see only its gate as no one is allowed to enter.

The gate of Nurul Istana Iman

During this festival, the Sultan of Brunei opens its house to everyone and give money and food to eat to the people.

What I like about this palace is its structure! The best place to see it? When you are in the plane and seated in a row with letter H if you are taking Royal Brunei from Singapore!

How Istana Nurul Iman looks like from the top