What you don’t know about preschool teachers


National Teacher’s Day in Singapore is on 2nd of September. This is the time that students thank their teachers for all the untiring efforts they have done for them. As a preschool teacher, I would like to applause my fellow preschool teachers for all the guidance, love and care they shower to the young learners for them to acquire the foundational skills, knowledge and dispositions they need as they move to a more challenging level. I salute preschool teachers because their job to serve 6-year old children and below is the most critical period of a human life; it is the stage wherein the child is starting to develop and/or is developing rapidly.

So, what are preschool teachers to me? You know that preschool teachers are…

1. Interior designers. Beginning of the school year, they are busy how they want their classroom to look like. They set up the learning environment and make sure that everything is meaningful and purposeful for the children to learn.

2. Architects. They plan children’s learning experiences and supervise how they interact with them. Teachers think of another option when they see that the activity is too easy or too difficult for the children. Likewise, they are always there to guide and monitor the children all throughout the activity.

3. Artists. Even though some of them are not born with great talents, they have developed themselves to have the knowledge and skill to draw, to paint, to sing and to dance. When there are school functions, they have to train their children for presentation (which either can be a song or a dance). Of course, teachers have to show how it is done before children can do it by themselves. That’s where preschool teachers’ hidden talent can come into play.

4. Personal coaches and trainers. The teachers provide continuous training for the children and then examine their strengths and weaknesses. They provide more activities that will challenge children’s interest. Also, they provide activities that will help children overcome their difficulties.

5. Counselors. They talk to children when there are problems and help them to arrive with a solution. Sometimes, parents will also confide to the teachers and ask them for some advices. Teachers are always there to give some advices, tips or strategies when it is needed.

6. Cheerleaders. They cheer for the children. When there are performances or competitions, the teacher is always there at the side boosting their confidence. For every step that the children make, the teacher is always on the watch to see if she has been successful imparting her knowledge to these children.

Preschool teachers are jack of all trades! If you were to add on this list, what would you add? What are preschool teachers to you?


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