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Teeth Experiment

Does your child like to brush his teeth? Instill the habit of brushing teeth by doing this simple experiment with your child.


  • egg
  • coca-cola
  • toothpaste


  • Put the egg in one cup. Then, add coca-cola in it.
  • Wrap another egg with toothpaste. Set aside.
  • Let the children predict what will happen to the egg.
  • Observe after five days and see whether their prediction is right.

The result of this experiment is the egg in coca-cola will turn black or brown while the egg wrapped with toothpaste will stay the same as it was. From this, you may explain to your child that if he will brush his teeth, his teeth will be protected, just like the egg with toothpaste. If not, his teeth will turn black or brown just like the egg in coca-cola.