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Auto-rock ‘n play sleeper: A big help to saving money for dual-income families

There are families that are dual-income earners, which means both husband and wife are working to earn money. It can be tiring especially when husband and wife come home with a baby to put on to sleep. Nannies can be so expensive that you do not want to pay them from morning till night. So, what should you do so that you will be able to take care of your baby, and at the same time, get the rest you need from your demanding job?

Thanks to Fisher-Price Newborn Auto-Rock ‘n Play Sleeper! It is a big help to families who have both husband and wife working and want to save money by spending less on nannies’ salary.


Product Description

It’s an inclined sleeper and with playtime seat. What’s is it has music, sounds and you do not need to rock the baby because it has hands-free rocking motion! That’s saving your energy!

It has also an extra-deep seat that helps baby sleep all night long. With the push of a button, the sleeper helps baby relax with two different speeds of gentle rocking motion.

The design is easy to assemble. Due to its light weight, it is easy to bring around and to store. Additionally, it has a three-point restraint and linkable clacker toy. Seat pad is easy and safe to wash and dry with the use of washing machine and dryer.

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