What services do you offer?

With 10 years of teaching in both public and private learning institution, I have gained expertise in lesson planning, curriculum development, program enhancement and teacher training.

What is your forte in education?

I have courses taken in Distance Education, which contributes to my knowledge on technology-supported learning. I was also the lead teacher in implementing the use of Edubuntu in preschool education as an Innovation project. So, basically, my strength is in educational technology.

What are your hobbies and other interests?

Aside from education and teaching, my hobbies or interests include yoga, meditation and traveling. I play ukelele during my free time, and recently, I am attending 6 lessons djembe class. Sometimes, I also daydream about the future – daydreaming of doing great things for the world!

When should you be contacted?

Contact me when you need the services I offered or you want to collaborate.