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Where to book your next accommodation

Teacher Sherilyn likes to travel in between school holidays and whenever time permits. She has visited 14 countries. Aside from Philippines and Singapore, she has been to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hongkong, Macau, India, South Korea and Australia. Choosing a place to stay is one of the travel essentials that need to be carefully determined.


To book for the best hotel options in Vietnam, click here for Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Cambodia, click here for Phnom Penh and Siem Reap bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Myanmar, click here for Yangon and Bagan bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Malaysia, click here for Kuala Lumpur bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Brunei, click here.


To book for the best hotel options in Laos, click here for Luang Prabang and Vientianne bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Thailand, click here for Bangkok and Phuket bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Indonesia, click here for Yogyakarta and Bali bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in China, click here for Beijing and Shanghai bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Hongkong, click here.


To book for the best hotel options in Macau, click here.


To book for the best hotel options in India, click here for Mumbai, Hyderabad and New Delhi bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in South Korea, click here for Busan and Seoul bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Australia, click here for Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast bookings.


To book for the best hotel options in Singapore, click here.


To book for the best hotel options in Philippines, click here for Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Palawan bookings.

Bookmark or save this site for future reference. You may change the places according to your destination and the number of nights you will stay in the hotel. Just a tip: double check where your hotel is located to ensure you book the right place. Oftentimes, it is good to stay in a place where everything or at least some tourist spots or attractions are reachable by foot to save on transportation cost.

What is good about this site is you can reserve it and have the option to cancel at no fee in case there are changes with your stay. Also, there are no any add-ons. What you see in this site is what you will pay… You can reserve the rooms online and pay once you arrive in the hotel you reserved. Unlike in, you need to do some calculations like multiplying the price per night to the number of nights you will stay and add hotel tax plus service charge. Moreover, with, you have to pay additional charge when you use Visa to pay.

So, the next time you travel, book through this page to avoid any issues in booking and paying! Again, save this page for future reference on your next travel! Happy traveling!


Auto-rock ‘n play sleeper: A big help to saving money for dual-income families

There are families that are dual-income earners, which means both husband and wife are working to earn money. It can be tiring especially when husband and wife come home with a baby to put on to sleep. Nannies can be so expensive that you do not want to pay them from morning till night. So, what should you do so that you will be able to take care of your baby, and at the same time, get the rest you need from your demanding job?

Thanks to Fisher-Price Newborn Auto-Rock ‘n Play Sleeper! It is a big help to families who have both husband and wife working and want to save money by spending less on nannies’ salary.


Product Description

It’s an inclined sleeper and with playtime seat. What’s is it has music, sounds and you do not need to rock the baby because it has hands-free rocking motion! That’s saving your energy!

It has also an extra-deep seat that helps baby sleep all night long. With the push of a button, the sleeper helps baby relax with two different speeds of gentle rocking motion.

The design is easy to assemble. Due to its light weight, it is easy to bring around and to store. Additionally, it has a three-point restraint and linkable clacker toy. Seat pad is easy and safe to wash and dry with the use of washing machine and dryer.

Click here to order.

Let your dream to be a mermaid come true!

Christmas is coming! I know, you are starting to think of what to give as a present to your friends and loved ones.

There are two things I consider when buying: uniqueness and functionality.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Blanket is one thing to consider as a present this coming Christmas or for any occasion!

Do you want to be Ariel? Do you want to be a mermaid? This mermaid blanket can make your dream come true! It is available for kids and adults.



  • Orlon 70% + Cotton 30%
  • Imported
  • Laghcat package INCLUDE Three Items: One laghcat mermaid blanket, One laghcat casual daypack and One unique laghcat silver color necklace.
  • Super Multi-function for all seasons: Sleeping blanket keeps your kids warm in winter, spring and autumn; in summer, it also can keep warm in air conditioning house.
  • Make your little girls’ mermaid dream come true. It’s the best choice as Birthday, Christmas, New Year and all Holiday gifts. To everybody you love, it must be a surprise! We also need a beautiful princess at home, are you still waiting for? LAGHCAT IS ON THE WAY!
  • WASHING Instructions: Please kindly wash separately before first use. This crocheted mermaid blanket can be machine washed at a low temperature and tumble dried. We recommend that you do not wash the blanket with items containing zippers that might snag.

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