Teacher Sherilyn’s blog is divided into six categories. Here are what each category is for:

My Classroom: These include posts on early childhood education. Here, Teacher Sherilyn shares activities she does with her own preschool children, which you can also implement in your class. She also posts here tips, strategies and/advice in teaching and engaging preschool children.

Work Gallery: In this Category, Teacher Sherilyn posts her innovation projects, school activities she initiated/implemented/led and other creation.

Seminars, Workshops and Conferences: In this category, Teacher Sherilyn posts seminars, workshops and conferences she attended that are worth to share with others so that they, too, will learn from it.

Holiday Mode: Teacher is On LeaveEmptying or clearing our mind is vital for a creative mind. That’s why, Teacher Sherilyn prefers to travel and see the beauty of the world. Then, come back and share that beauty to her preschool children and to other people who are within her sphere of influence. Here, Teacher Sherilyn shares stories about her travel and other adventures.

My Shop: In this Category, Teacher Sherilyn posts unique educational items and products that are worth to share with others. To order, you may click the link or send her a message. Additionally, Teacher Sherilyn offers services such as curriculum planning, developing programs and conducting trainings/workshops.

Other Topics: With aim of empowering not only the little children under her care, but also other people who have dreams to achieve their fullest potential, Teacher Sherilyn posts here topics about life lessons, finances/financial life, work/career, relationships and others.

Thanks for stopping by! Start exploring the site and Teacher Sherilyn hopes you to leave with more optimism in life!