Better Online is a subsidiary of It was founded by Teacher Sherilyn to train and coach teachers online. She believes that quality teachers play an important role in designing quality curriculum for preschool children. Therefore, there is a need to build the competence of teachers to bring out the best in every child.

However, problem lies on how much time, energy and cost are the teachers or the organization willing to spend for their continuing professional development. Online training will bridge the gap! Through distance learning, teachers will be able to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace. They have the autonomy whether to learn on their own or to collaborate with others. This led to the emergence of Better Online. Its beginning came in when Teacher Sherilyn was accomplishing her capstone project to complete her masters course, MA Distance Education. Its name has two meanings: be BETTER ONLINE and it is BETTER to learn ONLINE.

Currently, Better Online is offering five courses:

  1. Lesson objective: Not only it has to be SMART! In crafting your lesson objectives, it is not only the SMART goal that you need to consider. There is another important consideration that you need to take into account.
  2. Planning for success: Effective lesson planning for teachers. In this course, you will learn a systematic way of writing your lesson plan. It is not only enough that you know the parts of a lesson plan, you should also know how to structure each part.
  3. Assessment for Young Children. Assessment for preschool children is different from the assessment of older children. In this course, you will learn the tools that can be used when assessing early years children.
  4. What is Reggio Emilia? Reggio Emilia is an educational approach founded by Loris Malaguzzi in Italy. In this course, Teacher Sherilyn herself will share with you more about Reggio Emilia by sharing her learning and experiences when she went for a study trip visiting preschool centres in Belgium.
  5. Learn from the Finns! Finland Preschool Curriculum. Finland is regarded as the country with the best educational system in the world! In this online course, Teacher Sherilyn will share with you her learning and experiences when she went to Finland for a study trip visiting 3 preschool centres.

With Teacher Sherilyn’s solid foundation and teaching experience, she will guide you through to becoming not only a knowledgeable teacher, but a skillful educator! Contact her if you have questions about any of the above courses.