How to fix “This site can’t be reached” issue in Android phone

It is very frustrating to see the words “This site can’t be reached” on the screen of your phone after you devote long hours writing an informative blog article on your website.

If you are not a tech savy, you may go hysterical as to why this is happening. You may contact all people to help you.

But, hey, do not bother to disturb them now! It is easy to fix!

All you need to do is to launch your Google Play Store app, type in “free unblock proxy vpn” and enter.

Here you go! Tons of applications are out there in the market to choose from. It is up to you to choose what app you want to download. As for me, I prefer to use app with good reviews.

So now that you have chosen the app that you want, download it and start to launch it.

After launching the app, give it a minute or less to do its job. Then, click your site… and voila! Your site is now available for you to see!


4 thoughts on “How to fix “This site can’t be reached” issue in Android phone”

  1. Hi!
    I want my blog links to open in all mobile devices. The above method you described, I feel this will allow the site open on my mobile-only, so what about any other mobile..?


    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your question. This happens only when you are in a country whereby this website is not allowed or cannot be opened. For example, you are in Vietnam and you can’t see your site. Other people from other countries where the website is allowed will be seen by others in their own mobile. However, if your viewers are for example in Vietnam, they have to run the same apps or method in order to see the site.

      Hope this helps.


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