Playeum: Your child’s creativity centre

If you want your child to appreciate art through hands on experience, head to Playeum in Gillman Barracks!

When we visited the place, there were five stations set for the children to explore:

  1. Creative Cave – The cave is made out of cardboard. The children can go inside the cave and have the option to build something using blocks while listening to the different animal sounds.20161020_095255
  2. Dark Space – It has kinetic artwork and sound installation. The children will be able to see how shadows work, and at the same time, listen to the sound of the nature.20161020_113708
  3. Make Believe Hideaway – In this station, the children will use clay to create any object of their interest.20161020_104818
  4. Sound of the Earth – It has various natural materials that children can use to create their own musical instruments.20161020_104757
  5. Knock, Knock, Who Lives There? – Here, the children can use the special surveillance screen to observe various insects. The children may draw the insect and “write a letter” for that insect before putting it in the “mailbox”. 20161020_101054

Playeum also conducts various workshops for the kids. If you will have your trip here, don’t miss this!

Playeum is not only for school field trips. Anyone is welcome to come. Just bring your child. If you want a different art experience for your kid, this is the place!


Stock it in stocks!

Putting your money in the stock market is one way to build your wealth. It has higher returns, but higher risk as well.

I will share with you my experience in buying and selling stocks. I started to buy stocks last month. Below is the screenshot of the details:


After 16 days, I sold my stocks. Below is the screenshot of the details:


I bought the stocks for 3, 322.90php and sold them for 3, 817.72php. I gained 494.82php in 16 days. This amount I cannot ever get have I placed it in the bank.

Truly indeed that stocks have the potential to help you build your wealth! But remember that it has higher risk… and experts always say that the money you put in stocks is the money you are ready to lose!

What ladies in their twenties should do

A friend came to me and asked for my opinion. She said she was having problem in relationships and career. She missed home. She spent most of her life way back home, but now, she is independently living on her own in another country. Her friends would tell her she changed a lot and these changes were negative to them. She said that only when you face trial that you will see who you’re friends really are.

I could see in her same fate where I was three years ago. I told her not to mind what others will say. As long as, what she does does not affect or hurt others. She should believe on her own, on her own capacity to think and stand up for herself. She is young and a beautiful lady. I am happy that as early as her age she is facing some difficulties… Because these difficulties will make her become a whole person who is ready whatever trials the world will give. The world is a better place to stay… it is better if you are able to compete and fight to survive! You need to fight and have the will to carry on.


We fail, but it doesn’t end there. We need to get up and give life a good fight!

I guess, ladies in there twenties should spend their time discovering themselves. Travel alone. Meditate. Take courses that you enjoy. Pursue your passion. Do yoga. Bungy jump. Sky dive. Whatever you like, do it without limitation (as long as you are not hurting anybody). The experiences you had in your twenties, use it as you strategize or position yourself in the society as you reach your 30s.

To the ladies in their 20s, explore the world and discover yourself!

Where to book your next accommodation

Teacher Sherilyn likes to travel in between school holidays and whenever time permits. She has visited 14 countries. Aside from Philippines and Singapore, she has been to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hongkong, Macau, India, South Korea and Australia. Choosing a place to stay is one of the travel essentials that need to be carefully determined.


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Bookmark or save this site for future reference. You may change the places according to your destination and the number of nights you will stay in the hotel. Just a tip: double check where your hotel is located to ensure you book the right place. Oftentimes, it is good to stay in a place where everything or at least some tourist spots or attractions are reachable by foot to save on transportation cost.

What is good about this site is you can reserve it and have the option to cancel at no fee in case there are changes with your stay. Also, there are no any add-ons. What you see in this site is what you will pay… You can reserve the rooms online and pay once you arrive in the hotel you reserved. Unlike in, you need to do some calculations like multiplying the price per night to the number of nights you will stay and add hotel tax plus service charge. Moreover, with, you have to pay additional charge when you use Visa to pay.

So, the next time you travel, book through this page to avoid any issues in booking and paying! Again, save this page for future reference on your next travel! Happy traveling!

Teacher’s Day Saga: The Finale

In my two previous posts, I have expressed my gratitude to my previous teachers: in elementary or primary school and in high school or secondary school.

This time around, I will thank all the teachers I met who are an inspiration to me and have been a positive influence in my teaching career.

First on my list are the teachers of Centre for International Education, where I worked right after my University graduation. I am very thankful that I landed in this company where I met professional and capable teachers. Teachers who not only impart knowledge, but most of all, touch each and every single heart of their students.

I would like to express my special thanks to Teacher Yvette, (my first teaching partner) from whom I learned some exam techniques. She was good when it comes to disciplining children, and at the same time, developing children’s singing and dancing skills.


Thank you to Teacher Saida, the best English Teacher I have ever met. She was always available everytime I referred or ran to her for anything related to English teaching. I have learned a lot from her some techniques and new knowledge on teaching technical English.


Thank you to Teacher Mae for showing that teachers do not only teach knowledge, but also showers students and parents with words of wisdom. When something went wrong, she would immediately talk to the child. Not as simple as that, but she heartily gave advices to children, parents and fellow teachers.


Most of all, I am thankful to the “no-adjective-can-ever-describe” Headmaster of CIE – the greatest Teacher Anne! She was a Superwoman who could do everything! I am very thankful that I was under her leadership.


Special thanks to Teacher Nelia, the owner of the school. Thank you for building the school who produces not only good students but also training teachers to be the best they can be.


Thank you to all teachers I met in CIE and became my friends… It will be very long if I enumerate you all, but you know who you are. (I might miss out some so I’d rather not enumerate… Lol!)

To all the great teachers I met in my almost ten years of teaching: my high school batchmates who are now teachers, FLCD coursemates, Bentley classmates, previous and current colleagues…

Happy World Teacher’s Day!

Teacher’s Day Saga: The Continuation

It was high school days when my potential was polished by the great teachers I had. They brought out the best in me and equipped me with necessary skills that would be beneficial for me in facing the future.

On this World Teacher’s Day, allow me to thank all my high school teachers. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. Wherever I am and whatever I will be in the future, you will forever be a big part of it.

I would like to thank my first year adviser, Sir Franco, who had been a very good homeroom teacher to us. He always gave us advise when we did something wrong. He was also a great Philippine History teacher. That’s one of the reasons I love to travel… I like to see right before my eyes what I learned and saw in the book. Thank you also to my subject teachers: Ma’am Cadiz (Filipino), Ma’am Evangelista (English), Ma’am Yap (General Science), Ma’am Sto Domingo (THE), Sir Ramos (Math), Sir Heric (Computer), Sir Lito (Values) and Ma’am Vivian (P.E. and Music).

Thank you to Ma’am Ramos, our second year adviser. She was also our Math Teacher. With her good knowledge in Math, I developed my Math skills especially in Algebra. I also would like to thank my sophomore subject teachers: Ma’am Dela Cruz (Filipino), Ma’am Francy (English), Ma’am Ebio (Biology), Ma’am Sailago (THE), Ma’am Josue (Asian History), Ma’am Reverente (Values) and Sir and Ma’am Manaloto (P.E. and Music).

Thank you to Sir Lito Cedillo, my awesome adviser when I was in Junior High School. At the same time, he was our Values Education teacher who instilled in us the value of helping others. Also, thank you to my subject teachers: Ma’am Vivian (Filipino), Ma’am Francy (English), Ma’am Franco (Chemistry), Ma’am Dalanon (THE), Ma’am Fe Caluna (Math), Sir Etcobanez (World History) and Sir Azares (P.E. and Music).

Thank you to our Fourth Year Adviser, Sir Ariel Rosas. He was also our Values Education teacher. Thank you Sir Rosas for guiding us during our last year in high school. Allow me to thank as well my Senior Year subject teachers: Ma’am Infornon (Filipino), Sir Evangelista (English), Ma’am Dadulla (Physics), Sir Voltaire (THE), Sir Delavin (Math), Ma’am Lim (Economics) and Sir Yray (P.E. and Music).

Special thanks to our Principals, Ma’am Valdemoro and Ma’am Daep. Thank you also to Ma’am Belen Jazul, our Supreme Student Government adviser and to Sir Baldeo, our Citizen’s Army Training teacher!

Thank you to all the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious teachers of Aroroy National High School that we had! May you never get tired developing the fullest potentials of Aroronians! On this day, allow me again to greet you a HAPPY WORLD TEACHER’S DAY!